Take my hair care….

Hi guys, while its important that we have fun but its equally important to look good. After all first impression is the last impression. We spend so many dollars to take care of our hair with little or short term results. Guess what I got to steal some quick tips from from ‘dadi ma ka khazana’ (a name given to traditional home remedies of India).

I will first address the most common problem that everyone is experiencing. Due to increase in the levels of traffic, construction and travel, our scalp has become dry and we seldom experience dandruff. I came across two methods to stop dandruff.

First is a hair pack that needs to be applied three days consecutively followed by a mild shampoo at the end of third day. For the preparation of pack, you need fenugreek seeds (dana methi) – 1 cup, half cut lemon, and two spoons of coconut hair oil. Soak the fenugreek seeds in two cups of water overnight and then grind them into a fine paste. Add coconut oil and lemon to it and mix well. The paste can be applied using a hair brush. Leave the paste for 40 minutes and then rinse with normal water. Do this consecutively for three days followed by usage of mild shampoo on the third day.

The pack though quite challenging and time consuming is the most effective way. Anoter way is just add lemon to mustard oil and put it in hair for an hour. Do this twice a week for three weeks. You will notice not only dandruff is cured but you have a unique shne in your hair.

At last a professional suggestion for those busy bees who can’t spare such time, use ketomac shampoo twice a week. Dandruff will be gone in four weeks. I personally used that during high work pressure days and it was fine except for the part that your hair will feel rougher than usual.

Hope you see improvements in your hair. Let me know if there are any more questions. I will be happy to answer though it might get delayed.



Cracking the code to CAT

One of the toughest entrance tests to crack in India is CAT (MBA entrance). Lacs of graduates and professionals sit through the exam to enter into the elite institutions of IIM and start their journey towards corporate henceforth.

Little do these fellows know that the code to crack CAT is not the diligence and hard work but the test itself teaches you an important management lesson : TIME MANAGEMENT. This entrance exam can be cleared only by those who have reflexes and decision making powers as quick as a cat, are as silent to approach their target as is a cat.

Practice and hard work are indispensable but the decision making power is the secret ingredient that makes the exam different than the others.The beauty of the test is that it does not only evaluates you on your theoretical knowledge but tests your practical approach and critically examines whether or not you are fit for the organization of IIM.

I would like to leave all the busy bees preparing for CAT with just these two small advises: Make one section your strength but don’t let other be your weakness, you will evaluated on all the sections. Secondly, enjoy the exam and stay calm to manage your time because that’s what a good manager do.


Corporate life: Fresher or Experience

Why am I called a fresher? Have you ever wondered what it is about this term that decides your fate within a company? Why do so-called “experienced” people get the right to be judgmental about you? Well I am here to answer some of these questions. The answers will not be the best or correct ones but that’s up to you to decide.

Fresher means someone who is coming in the corporate life for the first time have no idea about office politics or how the things work in this life. Experienced people get the right to be judgmental about him/her because of fresher’s innocence and mistake that innocence for weakness. These situations are mainly responsible for fresher’s learning. The stress, pressure and the politics that he needs to handle is what gives him the experience of these “experienced” people so quickly. The person who comes out of this in one piece is the one who gains success and in turn provide them with an opportunity of being jealous.

Coming to the corporate, who themselves prefer to hire experienced people. Well their reason is simple you need a person who can stand at an equal level with the other people and not get crumpled upon in the organization. However what they insure is that they give him a “buddy” to ensure that he does become a fresher in the company itself. The difference in the situation is that in the latter situation person does not step into the company blindfolded and is highly aware of his surroundings.

Now-a-days to get fresh ideas and talent on board and also to avoid hiring fresher, corporate go for lateral hiring which effectively solves some of the problems if not all. Therefore it’s becoming increasingly important where you do your internship or corporate training from as it is your first taste to professionalism. It’s all about getting to know how things work rather than making things work. A serious advice given by the people is that work hard but make use of this opportunity to develop contacts and mould yourself, because the faster you learn faster you grow.