Corporate life: Fresher or Experience

Why am I called a fresher? Have you ever wondered what it is about this term that decides your fate within a company? Why do so-called “experienced” people get the right to be judgmental about you? Well I am here to answer some of these questions. The answers will not be the best or correct ones but that’s up to you to decide.

Fresher means someone who is coming in the corporate life for the first time have no idea about office politics or how the things work in this life. Experienced people get the right to be judgmental about him/her because of fresher’s innocence and mistake that innocence for weakness. These situations are mainly responsible for fresher’s learning. The stress, pressure and the politics that he needs to handle is what gives him the experience of these “experienced” people so quickly. The person who comes out of this in one piece is the one who gains success and in turn provide them with an opportunity of being jealous.

Coming to the corporate, who themselves prefer to hire experienced people. Well their reason is simple you need a person who can stand at an equal level with the other people and not get crumpled upon in the organization. However what they insure is that they give him a “buddy” to ensure that he does become a fresher in the company itself. The difference in the situation is that in the latter situation person does not step into the company blindfolded and is highly aware of his surroundings.

Now-a-days to get fresh ideas and talent on board and also to avoid hiring fresher, corporate go for lateral hiring which effectively solves some of the problems if not all. Therefore it’s becoming increasingly important where you do your internship or corporate training from as it is your first taste to professionalism. It’s all about getting to know how things work rather than making things work. A serious advice given by the people is that work hard but make use of this opportunity to develop contacts and mould yourself, because the faster you learn faster you grow.



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