Cracking the code to CAT

One of the toughest entrance tests to crack in India is CAT (MBA entrance). Lacs of graduates and professionals sit through the exam to enter into the elite institutions of IIM and start their journey towards corporate henceforth.

Little do these fellows know that the code to crack CAT is not the diligence and hard work but the test itself teaches you an important management lesson : TIME MANAGEMENT. This entrance exam can be cleared only by those who have reflexes and decision making powers as quick as a cat, are as silent to approach their target as is a cat.

Practice and hard work are indispensable but the decision making power is the secret ingredient that makes the exam different than the others.The beauty of the test is that it does not only evaluates you on your theoretical knowledge but tests your practical approach and critically examines whether or not you are fit for the organization of IIM.

I would like to leave all the busy bees preparing for CAT with just these two small advises: Make one section your strength but don’t let other be your weakness, you will evaluated on all the sections. Secondly, enjoy the exam and stay calm to manage your time because that’s what a good manager do.



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